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Chicago reader: A guide to movies. Includes a database of more than 7,000 Brief Reviews by Reader critics.

THE Internet Movie Database: A movie reference source and covers everything you could ever possibly want to know about movies.

Widescreen Movie Center: All about widescreen movies releases and original aspect ratio TV schedule

Film Archives

Library of Congress Motion Picture & Television Reading Room

UCLA Film & Television Archive

Film link pages

Cinema Sites: Assorted film links.

Cinema Audio Technology Page: Links related to the technology of cinema sound, particularly film audio, audio engineering services, and film sound topics.

Cinema Technology Experts Group: A group formed with the intent of creating a guide to the finest movie theatres in the United States


Consolidated Film Inductries (Lab and post production services)

Deluxe Labs (Toronto)

Mailing list pages

CINEFOTO:Lista o foro de discusión creado para el intercambio de ideas, inquietudes, propuestas y preguntas en general que involucran a todos los que estan en contacto con la película cinematográfica en la Argentina.

Cinematographers Mail list: A website for people who earn their living as cinematographers, operators & assistants.

Telecine Internet Group: The Telecine Internet Group is a community of professionals, students, and cosmopolites interested in the telecine process.

Museums & Exhibitions

FuturoscopeThe european park of the moving image (Poitiers)

International Museum of Photography and Film at George Eastman House

The National Museum of Photography, Film & Television (Bradford, UK)

Reference data pages

Color Formats & Restoration & Film Formats: Reference data from The Graphics & Image Processing Group (University of Bradford, UK).

Film Sizes History: One hundred years of cinema is also due to acceptance of one standard gauge. Whereas film equipment has undergone drastic changes in the course of a century it is a little miracle that 35mm has remained the universally accepted film size

Unusual Movie Equipment:

American WideScreen Museum

Studios and Distributors

Castle Rock Entertainment

Columbia Tristar

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists

Miramax Films

Movies.com (Buena Vista)

New Line Cinema

New Regency

October Films

Paramount Pictures

Polygram Filmed Entertainment

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Trimark Pictures

Twentieth Century Fox filmed entertainment

UIP - United International Pictures

Universal Studios

Walt Disney Pictures

Warner Bros

Other links
Academy Awards

Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers (U.S.A.)

Cartelera Buenos Aires, Córdoba y Santa Fe de URGENTE

Dogme 95

FILM BYTES: Weekly webcast series that brings "behind the bizz, behind the buzz."

The New York Underground Film Festival

SICA - Sindicato de la Industria Cinematográfica Argentina

Adrián Costoya
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